Waffle Towel


Elevate your disc golf game with the ultimate accessory - the waffle towel with carabiner!

This ultra-absorbent waffle towel is the perfect companion for any disc golf enthusiast. Its unique waffle pattern provides superior grip and moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping your hands dry and your discs clean even in the most challenging conditions.

Here's why you'll love this waffle towel with carabiner:

    • Exceptional absorbency: The waffle pattern traps moisture and dries quickly, keeping your hands and discs clean and comfortable.
    • Compact and portable: The carabiner attachment allows you to easily clip the towel to your disc golf bag or backpack for convenient carrying.
    • Durable construction: Made from high-quality materials, this towel is built to withstand the rigors of regular use.
    • Stylish design: The classic waffle pattern and sleek design complement any disc golf attire.

Don't let rain, sweat and grime hinder your performance. Grab your waffle towel with carabiner today and experience the difference!

Additional benefits:

    • Prevents disc slipping: Keep your discs clean and dry for optimal grip and control.
    • Perfect size: The 23.5" length and 15.5" width makes for the perfect sized towel. 
    • Versatile use: Use it for wiping sweat, cleaning discs, or even as a makeshift seat.
    • Makes a thoughtful gift: The perfect present for any disc golf lover.

Order your waffle towel with carabiner now and experience the ultimate disc golf accessory!